play YouTube in the background & much more for free


Youtube the world’s most popular streming service still does not allow its users to play youtube in the background or with the screen off, at least not for free, as many of its music streaming rivals do

And this is where we can get around these restrictions using Youtube Vanced.

What’s Youtube Vanced?

is always the same youtube application that we have on our smartphones but with some small changes in exchange for many benefits

Is root necessary?


  • Obvoiusly play YouTube in the background
  • block all advertisements
  • allow playback with the screen off
  • Allow playback with a minimized video floating while you’re
  • doing something else
  • allows you to download any video
  • Really cool Dark/black/white mode
  • automatic repeat function
  • Swipe controls for Brightness and Volume
  • pinch to zoom
  • Force VP9 or else vice versa


How to Install YouTube Vanced


For non rooted user:

  • Install MicroG APK only if you will log in with your current YouTube account to access you playlist/history otherwise skip this step
  • Download Youtube Vanced apk & install it
  • play YouTube in the background

For Rooted users:

PS. Rooted users can follow this steps or do like the non rooted users!

  • choose from this page the latest version of youtube vanced and your favorite theme 6 download it
  • unistall all youtbe update and disable auto update from play store
  • now flash the latest version of youtube vanced you downloaded before
  • Now play YouTube in the background

For any user who have magisk installed, otherwise choose one of the above methods:

If you have chosen to install it using magisk then you have 2 way that you can follow, choose the one that is easier for you

  1.  Install Youtube Vance directly from the magisk repository & that’s the easiest way to do it
  2. Download the magisk module from here and flash it magisk module download

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