How to use zoom

How to use zoom on windows & any other platform


Check out how to use zoom on  pc, windows or MacOS, even for android and apple smartphone.
We’ve been hearing a lot about ZOOM lately So let’s take a closer look at this awesome software

Zoom is the software that is gaining fame at the moment because of all the people who are on the way to smartworking because of covid-19.

Zoom continues to become essential in these moments of quarantine where it is not possible to meet for a meeting you can do it virtually using zoom.

What is zoom 

Zoom is a software that allows you to make video calls or audio calls while transmitting live.
Using zoom you can create rooms where you will broadcast live with the physical hawrdware setup, and using the Zoom meeting function you can access the rooms created previously and enjoy the conference streaming.

Zoom features

Basic free plan that allow up to 100 partecipants &
Unlimited 1 to 1 meetings
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
AES 256 bits encryption
Unlimited number of meetings
HD video
HD voice
and many other premium features such as:
Host up to 1,000 participants
From 1 gb to unlimted cloud recording
Meeting duration limit is 24 hrs

Zoom Planes

How to use zoom on windows

Download Zoom

Zoom is available for Windows, macOS, Android and IOS

There is still a different way to use Zoom from windows through outlook by downloading this Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, and downloadin this app from the Microsoft App

how to use zoom directly from browser

Another way to use Zoom is without any software, directly from your browser, you just have to open the link similar to this ” and the online zoom client will start automatically.

But if you want to continue to use the browser then it is advisable to install the browser extension available for both Google Chrome and Firefox.

How to record video chat with Zoom

One of the most important features of Zoom is the ability to record all videochats, of course without the host enabling this option I will not be able to use this premium feature,
Let’s check your setting before starting to record

LOG IN & Click on Account Settings/Meeting settings
Click on  Recording tab and click to enable video recording

To start recording videochats you have to choose whether to save them locally or in the cloud, with locally i mean on your computer or ony any usb drive & the cloud option “only for premium users” allows you to save videochats in Zoom’s cloud storage service.

But in order to record you need to install the Zoom software

Once the Video call begin you’ll se this option

How to use zoom on windows

Click on “record” and choose between Record on this Computer or on the Cloud option.
To stop the record process click Pause/Stop Recording or End Meeting.

How to use zoom on windows

Remember that once the recording is stopped the video will not be available immediately, but it must be processed automatically and when it is ready you will receive an email alert.

How to record Zoom meetings on mobile

you can use this function also from smartphones, the only difference is not being able to save them on your smartphone but only in the cloud and therefore this possibility is present are for premium users, just remember that your cloud space is limited so keep an eye on your available memory.

Follow these steps to record from the phone:

  • After starting or joining a meeting click on the three dots menu on your right display bottom
  • Click on “Record”
  • You started recording, now you can pause or stop using the corresponding icon
  • When the meeting is over, you can access your recordings from the official zoom site from the “my recording” section of your profile or directly from the application from the “meeting” section and select the record you want to play.
Where Zoom save local meeting record?

By Zoom default setting any record will be saved in these path:

WINDOWS: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\Zoom

MACOS:        /Users/User Name/Documents/Zoom

ANDROID & IOS: Select “meeting” section and choose the record you want to play.


How to recover a Deleted Cloud Recording

Fortunately Zoom allows you to recover any record but not after 30 days from their deletion

Follow these steps to recover a deleted recording

  • Access your zoom profile from your browser and navigate to this section Recordings
  • If there are deleted records you will find them in the recycle bin then click on recycle binHow to use zoom on windows
  • To recover the record click on recover as in this imageHow to use zoom on windows
  • Click Recover again to confirm. 
  • Your recording will then be available again in your recordings list. 

The Zoom virtual backgrounds feature

This feature is very interesting also because it allows you to change your background without being a geek, you can change your background without a green screen but of course as Zoom recommends for a better quality you need a green screen & don’t wear clothing that is the same color as the virtual background.

How to use the Zoom virtual backgrounds feature

Enable the Virtual Background for all members of your organization:

  • First Open Virtual Background option on the Meeting tab and verify that the setting is enabled, if it is disabled enable it.
  • Restart the Zoom Desktop Client and login again for this setting to take affect.

Enable the Virtual Background feature only for you:

  • Go to My Meeting Settings, if you’re the account administrator or Meeting Settings, if you’re the account member.
  • First Open Virtual Background option on the Meeting tab and verify that the setting is enabled, if it is disabled enable it.
  • Restart the Zoom Desktop Client and login again for this setting to take affect.

Enable virtual backgrounds for your Zoom Rooms:

  • Go to Zoom Rooms page and click Account Settings.
  • Switch the Virtual Background with Greenscreen option
  • You con upload an image clicking Upload Image to add more background  to the default library.

Enabling Virtual Background during a Meeting

  • the option is enabled but you haven’t activated it yet
  • Click on this arrow ^ and click Choose a virtual background…how to use zoom on android
  • Then click Download to download the package for virtual background. “you will download it only once”
  • Choose youre preffered

How to use virtual backgrounds with smartphone

  • Join a meeting
  • Click the three dots menu and choose more
  • Click Virtual Background, then choose the background you would like, then click Done.
    Touch Up Your Appearance  Zoom Beauty filter

Another very interesting feature of zoom is “Touch Up Your Appearance” is a filter that gives that little smoothing on the skin, useful when you have to broadcast a video in a meeting and you are still asleep in the morning 

Enable Touch Up Your Appearance on android 

Enable Touch Up Your Appearance from desktop:


 Activate Transcribe Cloud Recordings feature
  • Log into the zoom web portal
  • Go to “Cloud recording” option from Recording tab and make sure the option is enabled.
  • Search for “Advanced cloud recording settings”, click on “Audio Transcript” to activate it and click on save to confirm.
  • If in doubt check here ZOOM SUPPORT


Last but not least take a look at these Shortcuts that will improve your Zoom Usability Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

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