How to use a PlayStation 4 controller on Android

How to use a PlayStation 4 controller on Android


Learn how to use a PlayStation 4 controller on Android


If you want to connect the PS4 joystick to your Android smartphone, then I’ve got some great news for you: the latest versions of Android (Android 5 and higher), include specific drivers to manage Bluetooth controllers.

So, you can pair between the two devices in a very simple way, without installing third-party apps and above all, without the need to get root permissions!

The procedure is very simple for everyone. All you have to do is follow these steps:

How to use the PlayStation 4 controller on Android

How to use a PlayStation 4 controller on Android


1. Take the DualShock 4, turn it off completely and press the PS and Share buttons at the same time, until the middle light bar starts flashing quickly, to set it to pairing mode. (DO NOT perform the operation near the PS4 to prevent the console from turning on)

2. On your Android Smartphone, turn on Bluetooth and search for a new device = Go to Settings (by tapping the gear icon in the drawer of your device) and tap on “Bluetooth” (on Android 7.x and lower) or on Connected Devices > Bluetooth (on Android 8.0 and higher).

3. As soon as the name of the “wireless controller” appears in the list press on it, This way the DualShock 4 will automatically connect to your smartphone.

4. After a few moments, you will see the Connected sign next to the name of the newly paired controller and the controller’s LED should glow steady.


dualshock 4 android controls:


  • After connecting the two devices, you can use the DualShock 4 to control your smartphone:
  • You can move from one icon to the other (remember: when the gamepad is connected, the currently selected icons are highlighted by a colored border) using the directional arrows or the left analog.
  • Emulate the tap (or extended tap) by pressing (or holding) the square button or the right analog.
  • Open the Android Menu button by pressing the left analog.
  • Emulate the Android Back button by pressing the X button on the gamepad.


dualshock 4 android games controls:


To use it in games, however, things are slightly different: controller-compatible games generally have an internal option that specifies the functions associated with the controller’s buttons. Some titles also allow you to customize the use of all the buttons and analogs.

If you want to find some titles compatible with the bluetoth controller take a look at this list: Best Android games with Bluetooth controller support in 2020


In any case, if you find it difficult to use a PlayStation 4 controller on Android, I recommend reading the game guide for the game you are interested in to get additional information about using the PlayStation 4 gamepad, or do a Google search like “ps4 controller configuration [game title] Android“.


how to disconnect dualshock 4 from my android smartphone

To delete the pairing between your phone and the controller (or any other Bluetooth connected device), go to Settings > Bluetooth or Settings > Connected devices > Bluetooth, tap at the controller name and press the Delete button.

If you need to reconnect the DualShock 4 to the console (or any other device), you can put it back into pairing mode by turning it off and doing the whole procedure all over again

As you have seen, the procedure is really very simple and fast. To use a PlayStation 4 controller on Android again, simply turn it off, connect it to the console via the Micro-USB cable and press the PS button.

reconnect the gamepad again with ps4

if Bluetooth connection between the console and the gamepad is not recognized automatically? Don’t panic, in these cases just go to PS4 settings using the DualShock 4 micro-USB cable, select Devices > Bluetooth Devices and delete the controller from the list.

Then unplug the micro-USB cable from the console and press the SHARE and PS buttons on the controller to start pairing and restore the Bluetooth connection and the PlayStation 4 connection.

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