run root apps on unrooted android easy peasy


rooting a smartphone has its pros and cons and this obviously after the successful rooting of your smartphone, most importantly could also brick your device up and will no longer serve any purpose.


It is here that comes into play VMOS and gives hope to all those who want to Run run root apps on unrooted android smartphone, and to all those who don’t want to invalidate the warranty or worse brick their smartphone.

What is VMOS? 


VMOS is an app that will install an operating system accessible directly from your android menu, so you can run another complete Android system through an application, guess what! your new android system is already rooted, that mean no techy hard stuff just install the APK and youre ready to run root apps on unrooted android.

What are the requirements to install VMOS?


Minimum:        3 GB RAM and 4 GB ROM.
recomended: 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM or higher.




i told you! easy peasy!

Open setting

click on "ROOT"

Click "Enable root"

That’s it! Now you can run root apps on unrooted android

VMOS benefits:

  1. Obviously run required root app on you’re smartphone without rooting it
  2. Integrated funcionality to import app, media or any other file from you VMOS app to you’re device and viceversa
  3. Multiple account of any app, one on your device and the other one on VMOS
  4. You can run VMOS in a floating window, minimize it and switch from vmos to you’re device and viceversa with one click
  5. Customizable Resolution as the state: Define your own height,width and DPI,and record the resolution you set before.
  6. I’ts always running in background, so you won’t miss any notification, useful especially in any social app like whatsapp & co.
  7. Any action on VMOS system won’t affect your original system


For any other doubts here is the vmos FAQ section

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