recover deleted photos from ypur smartphone

How to recover deleted photos on Android smartphone


You accidentally deleted photos from your Android smartphone and now you don’t know how to recover them? Often, in fact, it only takes a moment, a wrong key combination, to delete the photo you cared about so much! In short, there are many reasons that lead to delete one or more photos, intentionally or by mistake. Don’t worry! let’s see how to recover deleted photos on Android smartphone

But even on Android (Samsung, Huawei, LG…) there is hope to recover deleted photos. In fact, you should know that the deletion of a file, in this case a photo, makes it inaccessible but this, with a bit of luck, could still be recoverable thanks to special programs that read the “empty” parts of the phone’s storage memory.

In simpler words, these programs and apps try to recover deleted images even if they no longer appear in your smartphone’s gallery. So if you have lost some important photos don’t panic, don’t do anything else with your smartphone and keep reading this guide.

First steps to recover deleted photos on Android (Samsung, Huawei, LG…)


Before proceeding, let’s start by saying that the best thing to do in case you find yourself having to recover a deleted photo from your smartphone is not to take more photos or, more generally, to write to the device’s memory.

Creating new files, installing apps, downloading things from the internet, are all operations that could permanently overwrite the deleted photos. If this happens, recovering it may become impossible. Therefore, the best way to do this is to use computer software.

This will allow you to try the recovery procedure without installing anything on your smartphone. However, using a smartphone app makes sense both to install it in a preventive way (just in case) and in case the photo to be recovered is not directly on the phone memory but on a microSD card.

recover deleted photos from windows

Recover deleted photos on Android from Windows PC or Mac


As mentioned in the previous paragraph the best way to recover deleted photos on Android smartphone is to use computer software. Among the best that you can download is MobiSaver for Android from the famous software house EaseUS.

The program supports almost all Android smartphones and, although it is not translated into English, it is quite easy to use. Once installed you just need to do a couple of steps; the first is obviously to connect your smartphone to your PC, the second is to activate USB debugging from the developer menu.

Maybe you have never done this procedure, that’s why we bring you below the simple steps to do it.

Open the Phone Settings app
Scroll down to “Device Info” and press

  1. Look for “Software Info” and then find “Build Version”.
  2. Just on this last item you will have to press ten consecutive times, until
  3. you are told that the developer mode has been activated.
  4. Go back to the main settings list and go to “Developer Options”.
  5. In the new screen make sure that the USB Debug item is active
  6. When connecting your smartphone to your PC in USB Debug mode you
  7. will also have to give a permission (on your phone) with the appropriate
  8. window that will appear at the appropriate time.

At this point MobiSaver for Android will be able to work without problems and, with a bit of luck, recover your deleted photos. If you read us from a Mac instead we point out Android Data Recovery by FonePaw, which is a very similar experience also compatible with Apple computers.

Note that if the photo does not appear among the recoverable ones, you may have lost the shot forever.

recover deleted photos from android
Recover deleted photos on Android directly from smartphone

If you don’t have a computer available and you want to try to recover deleted photos by mistake, you should know that there are some apps available for Android that are designed for just that. In case the photo to be recovered was saved directly to the memory of your device as mentioned above, it is good to remember that installing an app, including one for recovering deleted pictures, is a risk that could result in irreversible loss of the file.

Clarified this concept, there are plenty of apps that promise to achieve this on Android. Among the best are Deleted Photo Recovery and DigDeep Image Recovery.

Despite a not exactly top-notch interface, the two apps, completely free of charge, get the job done. Allowing you to scan folders for deleted photos. Install one, choose the folder you want to scan and cross your fingers.

How to avoid losing deleted photos in the future

Now that you have recovered your deleted photos (or at least tried to), let’s figure out how to avoid such inconveniences, i.e. losing a photo deleted by mistake forever. In this regard, the best thing to keep your shots safe is certainly to rely on a cloud system.

Among the most popular are Dropbox and Google Photo. Among other things, the latter allows you to backup without space limits if you decide to reduce the quality of your photos a bit (otherwise you can use Google Drive space).

By managing your photos from cloud services in case of accidental loss you’ll be able to recover the images and, in the case of Google Photo, by eliminating them you’ll keep them in a recycle bin that will let you more easily recover a mistake of yours.

Obviously nothing prevents you from saving your photos on a local device, such as a hard disk or a NAS, but in this case remember to do it with a certain frequency, otherwise the risks of irreversible loss remain high.

Now if you want to transfer the recovered photos to your pc use this method to copy them super fast on your pc and without the use of cables but using directly the wifi speed much higher than the cable speed Click edit button to change this text.

Here’s how

Transfer files between Android and PC using Wi-Fi

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