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How to Record the Screen on Android Phone



how to record the screen on Android, using both built-in features and the best apps


Many smartphones with Android 5 or above give users the ability to Record the Screen on Android, like everything we watch or do on smartphone and save it in a simple .mp4 videos, great for tutorials or to show an app to a friend.

To record the screen video we can use both the apps integrated in many smartphones and specific apps that we can find on the store, so we can also get different recording features.

Remember that from Android 5 onwards you do not need to have root permissions to record the screen.

Let’s see how to Record the Screen on Android Smartphone

1. Record your Android screen directly with the built-in app

record android video screen

Many Android smartphone manufacturers integrate a dedicated screen recording app, so you don’t have to use any third-party app and have maximum compatibility. To check whether your smartphone falls into this category, open the app list and look for Screen Recorder or Screen Recorder.

If we’re lucky, we’ll find the right app to record your Android screen right away; for example, on Xiaomi, there’s the Screen Recorder app which is lightweight, simple but effective for recording your screen.

To start recording videos, simply click in the center or bottom right corner of the screen, then click the Rec symbol that will appear as a small overlay button in the corner of the screen. At the end of the recording, click the button again to close it, so you can save the video in the device’s memory. The procedure may be slightly different for other manufacturers, but the operation of the built-in apps is very similar to when shown.


2. Record the screen using Google Play Games

record android screen without root

Another way to record your Android screen is to take advantage of the Google Play Games app, available as a default app or installed separately on any Android smartphone.

Once installed, we open the game preview screen via Google play games (obviously it must be a game that has already been installed on your phone before), and click on the camera symbol at the top. After a few seconds the game will open and our profile avatar will appear in overlay with the recording control buttons.


Click on the “Rec” symbol to start recording our gameplay, taking care to move our avatar to a corner of the screen where it doesn’t bother us. As an extra feature we can record our voice (by clicking the Mic button) or add the front camera shot, so that we can also see our reactions in the video.

Remember, the app also records the sounds of your smartphone, i.e. sounds from the game but also ringtones and calls. If we want to record anything else and not just the games, once you start the recording system inside a game, just go back to the Android Home: as we can see the recording button does not disappear and we can use it to record anything (even other apps or procedures) within the video. At the end of the recording we click Stop to stop the recording; the video made can be saved in the memory of the device or shared directly on YouTube.

3. Free App to record the screen on Android

If the procedures recommended so far have not been helpful to you and you want more control over your recordings, we can install another screen recording app on your Android phone.


AZ Screen Recorder: a very simple app for smartphones with Android that works without root and allows you to record the screen in a video. This app offers many additional options, such as countdown and pause and record buttons with a quick tap on the screen.


Screen Recorder: A very simple, commercial-free app that can record everything that passes on the screen with simple overlay buttons. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, this is the right app.


Mobizen Screen Recorder: is the app provided by Samsung for recording the screen of your Android phone. With this app we can create videos, edit them, crop them, add music and make them really professional with just a few clicks on the screen.


Super Screen Recorder: is the ideal official app to record video games on your phone to publish in Twitch or Youtube, completely free and with high quality video support.


Twitch: the popular video streaming app for gamers allows you to watch other players play PC and mobile games and record and send live all the games we play on your smartphone.


MNML Screen Recorder: includes a couple of additional settings such as adjusting FPS and bitrate according to your phone’s hardware specifications.


4. Record Android screen from PC for old phones

If our smartphone has Android version 4.4 or lower, screen recording is only possible by rooting our device, unless you use a special procedure by connecting your phone to your computer with the cable.

This procedure is also valid for all subsequent smartphone models, as it uses a special administrative functionality built into all versions of Android.

To register the screen on old and rootless Android devices, you must, in summary, perform the following steps:

– We enable Android developer options

– From the developer options, we activate the USB Debug and Show touches items.

– On the computer (Windows or Mac) we install ADB Universal Installer, the suite containing all the executables needed to administer Android via terminal commands.

– Then connect your Android phone to your PC and press OK on your mobile phone when the USB debugging request from PC appears.

– Open Windows command prompt, go to the ADB Universal Installer installation path, then run the adb devices command to see if the Android device is recognized.

– If we want to record the video of the Android screen, make sure it is unlocked and turned on, then type the command:

adb shell screenrecord –verbose ./sdcard/screencast-video.mp4

Once finished, in the prompt window, we press Ctrl + C to stop the recording; the video will be saved in the device memory and we can watch it again from any app to watch videos on Android.

The procedure is a bit laborious, but all in all not even difficult once done the first time.




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