install google play on juawei

how to install google play store on huawei


As we now know, Huawei smartphones have fully embraced Huawei Mobile Services and the AppGallery store. But for many people the will and desire to install google play store on huawei  latest generation smartphone has not yet died.

Even if Huawei has no longer access to Google services and Google Play Store on new terminals due to an imposition of the U.S. government, a new system has emerged in recent days to install them without restrictions. And we have tried it.

Before we start

we remind you that your Android smartphone does not become unusable without google play store and service,
There are alternatives that are often taken for granted in the system. Huawei has developed and continues to develop alternative apps such as AppGallery as an app store, Huawei Video to watch subscription movies, Huawei Music to listen to music and so on.

To install Google Play Store and Google Play Services you need to download the Chat Partner app download.

Before continuing a proper warning: this is an unofficial, unsafe and not 100% reliable method.

Those who continue do so naturally at their own risk. After running the application, simply press Detect Device, then Repair Now and finally the Activate button. Restarting the smartphone (but it is not always necessary) the Google Play Store icon will appear on the terminal, which will indicate the success of the operation.

How to install Google Play store on Huawei smartphone

  1. Download the ChatPartner app
  2. Install it and click on Allow
  3. After the installation is complete press on Open
  4. You do not need to enter credentials but press on Detect device
  5. The absence of Google services will be recognized: press Repair Now
  6. At the end you confirm that you will give administration permits
  7. After a few minutes the installation will be finished
  8. Do not enter Google credentials
  9. Restart your smartphone
  10. Open the Play Store and login


our results:


We tried the procedure on Huawei P40 lite and it worked: the tool not only installs Google Play Store, but also the most important Google Play Services.

In this way you will not only be able to download the apps on the Google store, but also take advantage of all the synchronization services in which you need to enter your Google account.

Encountered bug?

During our trial, all features worked well, except for one strange bug we found: every time we saw the Google Play Services screen on the Play Store, the store crashed.



The tool also inserts Play Services inside the apps installed in the system to be recognized as a system app, so they can be managed in case of malfunctions.

While a line dedicated to the Google account will appear in the Settings. In addition, in our case, the Google Play Protect function provided for Google certified devices has been activated correctly


The method is very simple, but remember that the method we have described is not official and there may be problems with its operation over time.

Once the Google services are installed they will remain permanently, but only until the next restore.

At the moment it is difficult for us to determine how long this method will continue to work. Let us know if you were brave enough to try it and if you were able to enable Google services on your smartphone.

How to install Google Play store on Huawei “backup plan”

Has this method been a complete failure? then try this app and I guarantee you that only with this app you can have google play store and any google service on your huawei smartphone of any generation, all this is possible because you are going to create a second operating system with this app. VMOS FOR ANDROID EASY PEASY.

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