how to connect airpods pro to android

how to connect airpods pro to android for non techie


The new AirPods Pro are the latest product in Apple’s Audio line, complementing the AirPods line-up with a more complete product that offers more functionality than the previous model, at a higher price.

The AirPods and AirPods Pro are a product designed for Apple devices, but because they’re standard Bluetooth headsets, they can actually connect airpods pro to android or any device with this technology.

so can I use the airpods pro with my android smartphone?

YES! but remember that…

However, we must remember that the AirPods Pro are designed for Apple devices and therefore using them with an android smartphone we should expect some limitations, I will list them below and how to avoid some of them!

What I won’t be able to do with the airpods connected to android?

  • you can’t call Google’s assistant by touch but only by saying “OK Google”.
  • You cannot use Siri.
  • automatic pause is not available when removing an earpiece from your ear. “avoidable”
  • the percentage of charge of the case and individual earphones is not available. “avoidable”

How to connect airpods pro to android!

how to connect airpods pro to android

  1. tap on the gear wheel icon to access the Android Settings, choose the Device Connection and Bluetooth options and make sure Bluetooth is active, otherwise move the stick next to the Bluetooth setting from OFF to ON.
  2. Now take the case of the AirPods pro with the earphones inside and hold it, open it and press and hold the connection button until the LED between the two earphones flashes white.
    (The button is on the back of the case)
  3. Bring the airpods closer to your smartphone and wait until the phone finishes searching for nearby Bluetooth devices, when the “airpods” appears on your smartphone tap on it and wait for the pairing to complete.

T’hats it!

How to enable ear detection and battery percentage of Airpods Pro when connected to Android?

Although airpods pro are not 100% compatible, some developers are working to increase their compatibility with our android devices.

let’s take a look at 2 very useful applications that will allow us to take advantage of 2 very important features, ear detection and battery status

AirBuds Popup Free – airpod battery app 



Both applications work, but if one give you problems, switch to the second one.


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