Ghost, McAfee's crypto-currency is on its way.

Ghost, McAfee’s crypto-currency is on its way.


As reported on the official website:

GHOST is a Proof of Stake privacy coin to help make you nothing but a “ghost” when transacting online!

This is a new high-level privacy cryptocurrency, announced a couple of months ago, and largely derived from PIVX‘s open source code.

Recently, however, the whitepaper was published, which raised more than a doubt.
With accusations of plagiarism coming directly from PIVX, another crypto-currency with a high level of privacy born several years ago as a fork of Dash.

The PVIX team writes:


As an expert, dedicated team that has been pioneering and tirelessly developing a privacy centric Proof of Stake blockchain since 2016, #PIVX is extremely disappointed to see @officialmcafee @GhostbyMcAfee $ESH $GHOST blatantly plagiarizing the Sept 2018 PIVX whitepaper.

— PIVX (@_PIVX) May 17, 2020

ghost plagiarism mcafee

And it’s quite evident that, at least, the Ghost team has at least taken plenty of inspiration from the PIVX whitepaper.

And in fact it was all confirmed by the Ghost team itself, which stated that just as PIVX is a fork of Dash, Ghost is a fork of PIVX.

Eventually John McAfee himself stepped in, confirming that it was a fork, saying:

The $GHOST controversy is storm in a teacup.

Forking an existing blockchain is a common occurrence, ex: Bitcoin to BTC, etc.

The developers of the original blockchain always kick up a fuss. It’s the way of the world.

This is a triviality folks. Get over it.

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) May 19, 2020

Mcafee adds in a tweet:

The ability to be exchanged on a true decentralized, distributed exchange – making it unable to ever be shut down by governments

mcafee ghost grypto

Ghost Coin will be a high-level privacy currency, based on Proof-of-Stake, designed to help people operate like “ghosts” with their online transactions.

Transactions in this crypto currency will use a deposit pool to protect and clear transaction history. They will also be verified using zero-knowledge proof.

In turn, the Ghost network is an open and decentralized network, without any central company or owner, and is entirely managed by the community.

It promises on-chain transactions processed in less than 120 seconds, with only a fraction of a penny as commission cost.

Because it is based on Proof-of-Stake it also allows staking, and on the official website there is a form to calculate the estimated profits from staking the future Ghost Coin. 

Moreover, being also based on masternode, it allows you to generate profits by running one.

Initially the circulating supply will be only 13,573,415 tokens, but the final total supply will be 55,000,000.

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